SS-651 Marking Unit

Standard Etching Unit for Low to Medium Volume

This power unit is simple and economical. It includes medium power transformer, variable intensity control dial, and AC mark DC etch. The unit supplies constant power to the marking head at all times. The output in the 651 Series is maintained by the linear rheostat control allowing a variable output level of 0-10 amps, AC or DC.

  • SS-651 Power Unit
  • 4309-BA Standard Cord Set
  • 4650 Carbon Marking Cartridge
  • 3121-3D Deep Etch Pads (10/pk)
  • 4397 (1 1/2" x 1/2") Hand Marker with 4397-1 Marking Screens
  • SC-44 Electrolyte and Neutralyte
  • 9007-BCF Stencil Paper (50' roll)
  • 9012-BL Stencil Paper (100pc./bx)
  • Wiping Tissues (p/n 2500)
  • Electrolyte Tray (p/n 1025)
  • Marking Manual

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