Electrolytes & Cleaners

The Right Electrolyte and Cleaners for the Job

Electrolytes are water-based solutions of metallic salts with necessary inhibitors and wetting agents. These formulated solutions then create the desired mark through electrolytic action. To make a clear sharp mark it's important to use the right electrolyte.

We have electrolytes for almost every application. The correct electrolyte depends on the metal or metal alloy you need to mark. Use our Electrolyte Table as a guide.

However, with the number of different metals, alloys, platings, and coatings used today we recommend you submit a sample for test marking. Contact our factory direct or your distributor.

Nuclear Grade Electrolyte

Specially formulated electrolyte to meet MIL-STD-792. Certified to contain less than 250 ppm of halides, chlorides, lead, and other elements for nuclear applications.

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The neutralyte is specially formulated to remove excess electrolyte, salts, and oxides which otherwise attract and hold moisture leading to corrosion. The neutralyte also balances the ph and has rust inhibitive properties. It can be applied by wiping or soaking. Nuclear grade neutralyte is also available.
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Neutracleaner #1 - Ferrous Alloys
Neutracleaner #2 - Non-Ferrous Alloys

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Oil Immersion Cleaner

Oil coating used as a rust inhibitor and protectant.
Use after neutralizing.

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Polarized Oil

Thin oil used as a rust inhibitor and protectant formulated to remove moisture.
Use after neutralizing.

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