Handbook Page 13


Neutralytes (Cleaners)

Most electrolytes are salt solutions, so to reduce corrosion you must neutralize marks or etches. Do this by wiping them with, or soaking them in, a neutralizing solution for a specified period. A caution if you are wiping the marks: be sure you dry the part before wiping with the neutralizer. If you use a pad saturated with neutralizer to wipe parts that have not been dried, the pad will soon have more electrolyte than neutralyte on it, and the problem with corrosion will be aggravated instead of eliminated.

The other way to neutralize the marks or etches is to soak them in a solution especially prepared to counteract the corrosive action of the electrolyte. This solution may be diluted with water depending upon the application. Soaking time is about ten minutes. After this, use neutralizing oils to insure against corrosion. The type of oil depends upon the application.

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