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There are two basic types of stencils, die impression stencils and photographic stencils. Some die impression stencils can be made from an ordinary typewriter or dot-matrix printer. Since any impression will create a design in the stencil, one can also use a metal die to impress trademarks or special logotypes. Each impression on this stencil material can produce up to one hundred Electromarks. The limitation of this type of stencil is that the typewriter, dot-matrix printer, or metal die can only produce fine lines.

Photographic stencils start from black and white artwork, which we can create for you. Thus one can make any line thickness, broad or fine, and any size character. Each design of this stencil can produce up to many thousands of Electromarks. The matrix, or base, of the photographic stencil can be paper or fabric, so a whole series of various stencils is available for different applications. They are called perma or electrolast stencils. It is best to contact us at IMG for precise recommendations.

Another advantage of photographic stencils is that we can pre-form them into caps that fit on any size marking cartridge. Rectangular caps usually mark names and part numbers. The round caps, particularly in the small sizes, can be used for inspection stamps.

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