Bench Marker & Accessories

The Bench Marker Etches Round Pieces by Rolling Them Across the Stencil

The bench marker plugs directly into the power unit. The stencil is placed on the pad that fits into an electrolyte reservoir. The electrolyte is drawn into the pad through wicking action. This marker is also good for small, hard to handle parts.

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Locating Plate

Clear plastic fixture which can be cut to precisely locate part on stencil.

4400 Locating Plate

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Bench Marking Fixture

Marks round parts by rolling parts over stencil located on the fixture. Also used for precise placement of mark on small parts by utilizing locating plate #4400. For marks up to 2" x 4 1/2". Can be used with any power unit.

3001-BA Bench Marking Fixture

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Polarite Paper

Used with the bench marker to fit over wick for more conductivity.

4325 For use with 4310 wick
4326 For use with 4311 wick

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Perforated Plate

Fits into well of bench marker and supports wick.

4300-1 Perforated Plate
4301-1 Perforated Plate with a 1" extension to mark parts with a collar or a flange.

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Graphite Block Top Plate

Highly conductive top plate for the Bench Marker. Can be used as a replacement for the 4300-1 Perforated Plate.

4327 Graphite block top plate

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Absorbent Wick (Felt)

Absorbent pad that fits over perforated plate and fits into bench marking fixture.

4310 Use with 4310 perforated plate
4311 Use with 4301-1 perforated plate

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Wire Mesh and Cloth

Use with absorbent wick for longer life. May be used in place of polarite paper.

4320 Wire mesh and cloth - Use with 4310 wick
4321 Wire mesh and cloth - Use with 4301-1 extension plate

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Hand Ground Plate

Connects to bench marker and grounds part while rolling over stencil.

4330-BA Hand ground plate

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