The Best Stencils to Make Your Mark

Photographic Stencils

Photographic stencils are made of a photosensitive material specifically developed for electromarking. They are a long-life stencil used for medium to high volume runs and/or deep etch applications.

Our graphic arts department can provide you with a quality design or we will reproduce your artwork. We can make any thickness, broad or fine, and any size character for your logos, numbers, or special design.

Photographic stencils are available in standard and special sizes.

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Photographic Stencil Caps

Use photographic stencil caps with your carbon marker when you have long runs and/or when location of the mark is important. This stencil cap allows the operator to easily position his mark or marks in a precise manner. The electrolyte is fed from the marking cartridge reservoir incorporated in the tube. This simplifies the marking process.

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Impression Stencil Paper

Impression stencils are usually designed for low volume runs. Impressions can be made to the stencil easily and economically with a typewriter, dot-matrix printer, or metal die. Use impression stencils when the numbers or letters in the marks constantly change.

Impression stencil paper is available in sheets and rolls as well as different formulas. You can choose from our classic green, dark blue, or light blue. Pre-numbered stencil rolls are also available. Contact our factory or your distributor for details.

Generally, typewriters, dot matrix printers, or metal dies won't produce heavy, bolder lines. If you need more intricate detail our photographic stencils may be a better choice.

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Die Impressed Stencils

We can make a special die when you need one of the marks to remain constant, such as a logo, while the other mark changes. We impress the die with the constant mark onto the stencil. You can then add the variable mark with a typewriter or dot matrix printer. Die impressed stencils are available in roll form.

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