Why use electromarking?

Electromarking is simple, fast, safe and economical. The average mark is made within less than a second to 1 or 2 seconds, depending on the depth of the etch desired. The electrolyte solution is nearly neutral on the ph scale and therefore will not damage skin, clothing or surrounding equipment. The low voltage currents, about 32 volts, are harmless. Due to product longevity and reliability, simplicity of the process with the resulting savings in time, and the low cost of supplies, electromarking is very economical. The same stencil may be used for multiple identifying marks. Personnel need no special skills or training.

Hardened, thin or delicate, already assembled parts and even carbides can be marked easily and permanently without distortion. Therefore, electromarks will not peel off, rub off, fall off or become lost. All conductive metal surfaces, including plated surfaces and the majority of other supplemental coatings can be marked. Parts can be marked for stock identification in the field. Additionally, parts can be marked immediately after production or assembly, or can be stored without a mark and then quickly marked prior to shipment. This is beneficial where the same part may require a different identification for different customers.

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