What components are necessary?

  1. Power unit
    These units come in a wide range of sizes, depending on specific needs or requirements. These devices reduce a standard 110-120 volt AC current to a variable 0-32 volts, and provide either AC or DC current.
  2. Markers
    These devices are available either in hand held or bench models. They hold the stencil and carry the electrolyte solution and appropriate current to the part being marked.
  3. Stencil
    A thin sheet of material with a special coating which carries the design or desired marking. These are available in either Impression Stencils or Photographic Stencils. The Impression Stencil is used for any number, word, letter or code which may be typed with a standard typewriter or, die-impressed. The Photographic Stencil is used for any custom design, including logos, fancy type or other unique marks.
  4. Electrolyte
    This solution conducts the etching current and provides the necessary chemicals to etch the metal and deposit the oxide for a contrasting mark.
  5. Neutralyte
    This solution is used to remove the electrolyte and surplus oxides from the part after marking.

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