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Hand Markers

One of the most important things to remember in electrochemical marking is to use the proper marking tool for the job. This will ensure faster, cleaner, and more economical marks. For best results the proper engineering should be done.

Handmarkers or cartridge markers are the best choice when you're marking items with a flat surface. Clipped to the handmarker is a pad that carries the electrolyte. Dip the pad in electrolyte and bring the wet pad down on the stencil, which you've positioned on the piece to be marked. To go faster you may wrap the stencil around the handmarker, but remember that positioning cannot be important if you do it this way. The black wire of the cord set connects the handmarker to the power unit. The red wire is always the ground.

Handmarkers are available in a wide range of sizes, and they can be cut at angles or contours for access to difficult places. It is most important that the handmarker be larger than the design to be marked but smaller than the stencil you are using. This enables you to make the mark with one application of pressure. Pressure provides sharp, attractive marks. Lack of pressure allows the current to jump around causing fuzzy, sloppy marks.

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