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Questions & Answers

  1. Can I mark round parts?
    Yes, by rolling on the bench marker or by using the contour blocks.
  2. Can I mark plated parts?
    Yes, as long as the part conducts electricity.
  3. Can I mark anodized parts?
    Not after they are anodized. Mark deep before anodizing and the mark will show through.
  4. What type of repairs will be needed on the power unit?
    Units rarely come in for repair. However, when they do, we do not charge for "bench time".
  5. Can I mark black oxided surfaces?
    Yes, in most cases using low voltage, high pressure, and proper electrolytes.
  6. Can I mark Parkerized parts?
    In most cases, no.
  7. Is the electrolyte harmful?
    No. It may stain clothes, but will wash out. If you swallow it, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet, drink lots of water, and see a doctor.
  8. How deep can I go?
    An AC mark is around .0003 inches deep. A DC etch can go as deep as .008 - .009 inches, but generally .001 inches is considered deep.
  9. What is an etch?
    An etch is usually a DC mark that is white or frosted. The dark mark is a combination of an etch and a plate.
  10. How long will a stencil last?
    Depending on the kind, the use, the configuration, and the depth required you can get from one to thousands of impressions.
  11. Can I make my own stencils?
    Yes, by using a typewriter or dot-matrix printer on the die impression stencils.
  12. How clean does the surface of the part have to be before marking?
    Just free of sharp particles that would cut the stencil. Cleaning with light oil is fine.
  13. How rough a surface can you mark on?
    A reasonably smooth forged or cast surface.
  14. Will this method of marking cause corrosion?
    Yes, if the metal salts in the electrolyte aren't removed from the part.
  15. How well does this mark stand up in a salt spray test?
  16. Who do I contact with questions or problems?
    Please contact us at IMG-Electromark:

    Phone: 315.735.7591
    Toll free: 1.800.775.3824
    Fax: 315.732.4262

    Email: info@img-electromark.com

    I.M.G. of Utica, Inc.
    206 Kossuth Ave.
    PO Box 379
    Utica, NY 13501

Questions or to place an order, call us at 1.800.775.3824 or email at info@img-electromark.com

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