Blog: Nuclear Grade Electrolytes and Cleaners for Marking Metal

Here at IMG/Electromark we get numerous calls inquiring about “nuclear grade” solutions. The caller is looking for nuclear grade electrolytes used to mark the metal components, but also information on neutralyzers to clean the components before and after the mark. What nuclear grade means, is that the parts are being manufactured to MIL-STD-792. This United States Military Standard states, “The electrolyte shall be compatible with the base material to be marked, electrolytes containing total halogens (bromine, chlorine, fluorine, iodine and astatine), sulfur and lead in excess of 250 parts per million (p/m) each shall not be used. Certified test results shall be submitted with each batch or mix of electrolyte to establish compliance with this limit”.

This Mil Standard addresses Identification Marking Requirements for Special Purpose Components, Naval ships systems command felt nuclear power aboard its’ vessels warranted extra precautions when it came to marking parts, whether by electrochemical etch (electromarking), die stamping, vibra-tools or any other method. IMG-Electromark has recently added Neutracleaner 1 and Neutracleaner 2 to its’ line of nuclear grade solutions. Our popular line of cleaners, usually used as a pre-cleaner, joins our Neutralyte and Electrolyte 59-CSF to be certified to MIL-STD-792. This was done so certain companies that prefer to have all the solutions that come in contact with the part be certified to MIL-STD-792. This standard has worked its’ way into commercial nuclear applications as well.

The certified test on each lot of solution we manufacture is included in each shipment at no charge. Should your company be working to MIL-STD-792 and have any questions regarding the spec and electrochemical etching, please contact us. We would also be happy to send out a sample of our 59-CSF electrolyte for you to try to insure it works on your material. Just call 800-775-ETCH(3824) or drop us an email and we can discuss your application. Hope to talk to you soon and thanks for stopping by.

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Dave Bruno

Posted on 2012-05-22

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