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I have exciting news... I get lots of questions and comments from customers like you here at IMG of Utica, so I've decided to create a blog. This will open up the discussion to our whole etching community.

Together we'll discover the latest techniques in identification, logo, and artistic electro-etching. And, I'm delighted that you'll be able to participate because your input helps improve everyone's etching techniques. (And, so many of you are great fun to talk with!!)

Because of all the calls I get from knife makers, I'd like to start the ball rolling with the various electro-etching techniques that'll help you craft your knives. So, for the next blog, let's talk about your etching work and questions you may have about stencils, solutions, and equipment.

Whether you're just beginning knife making, or are a Journeyman or Master Smith, my advice is free and offered only to help you make the best etches possible. I hope to post 2-3 times a month, and I encourage your participation. So, get those questions and comments in, and we'll be off and running. (And, if knife making leads us to other users of electro-etching, great!)

Also, let me know what you've created using our etching products. We'll do our best to post your projects on the blog. Our customers permanently mark everything from knives to saw blades and from trumpets to scissors. I've seen many of your unique designs and beautiful artwork... if it's OK with you, we'd like to show it off for everyone to see. 

Yes, IMG of Utica does serve the aerospace industry, manufacturers, small businesses, and subcontractors who use our Electrochemical marking equipment and supplies, but our individual customers are important to me. And that's why I'm excited about this exchange of ideas.

I'm really looking forward to our conversation... I hope you are too. It'll be fun, and it should improve your work. Until next time... 


Posted on 2011-07-15

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